Saturday 8 March 2008

time for a tipple

Well...I think I've had a productive day. It's 9:48pm and I've just finished up so I think I deserve a little sake.

I'm babysitting. My lovely wife, Jo, and sister-in-law, Lorna, are out with the girls, dancing. At least that's what they tell me they will be doing?! The children are asleep and it's a peaceful and warm night.

I'm going to sit outside in the garden, look up at the stars and drink a toast to you all...Kampai and Namaste.


Hyllyn said...

Kampai my friend.

I miss having a good measure of sake with you.


Ford Hallam said...

Kampai, old chap!

I'll sup a tokkuri just for you. It has been too know where I am and it'll only take me 25min to get to the airport to pick you up.

Regards to you too.

Hyllyn said...

Drat!, don't tempt me hahaha.

Honestly if I could I would be going sooner rather than later, but it will be arranged, don't worry.