Friday 7 March 2008

a word to the wise

a quick word of warning! I have just deleted a comment left by a registered blogger calling themselves "Faujora", this person is listed as Rahul Dravid in the blogger stats. If you click on the links he offered in his comment post or try to see his own blogspot you are immediately directed to a piece of spyware that begins running in an attempt to access your machine.

It "appears" to be running a scan of your pc looking for spyware in fact. Personally I like to be in control of what goes on in my pc and who directs it and I don't think this a legitimate situation so would suggest avoiding clicking on any thing this person posts, or anything else that you are not certain of.

Me you can trust but there are some nasty b........... out there, so be careful.


Lorenzo said...

Thanks.. For sure some people have a lot of time to spend for hurting others with no reason..

Ford Hallam said...

sadly we have to be aware that is the case.