Tuesday 4 March 2008

I managed to get a bit more hammering done.

Well, Mom has been and gone...and I can finally get back to the studio. So there was me being the dutiful son and being all attentive and taking her out and about and I get hassled for not doing enough work! Seems I can't win ;-) Anyway, she wants to know that I'm now hard at work now so I've got instructions to post daily updates so she can check up on me...

This is where I've got so far with the iron stones. There are a few little bits in there to hint at what I'm planning too. It's been a pretty steep learning curve and no doubt the next large stone I do will be far quicker and less of a wrestling match. In fact I'm not absolutely convinced by the shape I'm achieving at the moment, I'll give it another day and decide tomorrow evening whether I will use it or start again. I think it's a perfectly suitable shape in many respects but I actually had a slightly different feeling in mind and as I've said before; the stone is not just an object to stick a decorative motif on it is an integral part of the whole expression for me.

Ultimately though, whether I use this particular stone or not is less important than the process I've worked thorough in terms of developing the initial idea. I'd rather get one really right than produce 3 mediocre paperweights.

Incidentally, the ear defenders are an essential fashion accessory when hammering iron or steel cold, if you wnat to keep your sense of hearing.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ford, its good to see the work advancing. These pebbles might be steppingstones to aspire new heights.:) cheers, Karl