Monday 13 October 2008

My Butterfly Gavotte

As promised....I know, I know... I rarely keep them but here you go. The link to a short slide show of images of the completed piece, including some tight macro shots. I think Gavin has done a brilliant job of capturing the colours and textures of the work so no doubt I'll have to pay him well with raw fish....he does love his sushi.

I write up a bit of an explanation of the techniques, materials and inspiration etc, tomorrow. It's late now and I deserve a good nights sleep. I've a tsuba, to inlay with tiny yellow orchids, that I need to be fresh and sharp for in the morning...



I'm ready for my close up, Mr Demille...

The copper vase is now completed, we, obviously I mean Gavin, just got through doing the photography earlier today, but the images need to be processed before I can reveal all. In the meantime, by way of a teaser here's a close up of the surface of the vase after I patinated it....I'm a happy bunny :-)

I should have the final images on-line later today....I did some carving of white mother of portray magnolia flowers, which are inlaid in the copper. The effect is quite pretty I think. The butterfly flying across from the other side seems to have worked least that's what people who have seen it say. Intrigued....? I'll try not to keep you waiting much longer ;-)