Monday, 10 August 2009

The littlest deshi.

This is my youngest son. Joel. He insisted I post this image of him here so that Akio Kun, my own teachers son could see him. He's wearing a padded samue I brought back from Japan last year. The karate kid pose is, I suppose, madatory. Samue are a relatively recent innovation in terms of work wear. Originally favoured by Zen monks they are also now a pretty common choice for craftsmen in Japan. They're extremely comfortable and I think, quite elegant. I have 6 suits that I use and it really saves me the bother of deciding what to wear to work...and gives my tummy room to breathe ;-)

You may notice a tsuba in my pitch bowl, it's just a little pink tiger I'm working on at the moment. That's all you're going to see of it for now I'm afraid.

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