Friday 29 May 2009

and another one...

sorry about the music stopping so abruptly, but redoing this is taking too much time right now :-)

Lights, camera, action...

...well nearly! No this isn't the big secret I've been hinting at...I'm still working on a little essay and some nice piccies to illustrate what's going on.

I've been playing with Picasa, which I use to maintain a number of on-line image collections. It's really very handy and quite versatile. I put these little slide shows together in a matter of minutes and then added the soundtrack from my music collection on one of them. The other two had their sound tracks taken from the pre-licenced material on you tube...I've got a channel of my own there too now. Look for Iron Brush.

I've got to redo the Ginko one as the images don't loop throughout the song which was sort of the whole point.

Oh...and please choose the HQ ( high quality) option to get the most pleasing images.