Thursday, 2 October 2008

Chameleon brooch

Some of you may have seen the images I posted on the Iron Brush forum showing the initial stages of the making of this brooch. I actually completed it a little while ago but only got round to taking some photos this morning. So here it is....gilded and enamelled. My generous wife had me make it as a donation to be auctioned to raise money for our youngest son, Joel's school. He goes to a Montesorri school called Chameleons...hence the subject of the brooch ;-)

Here's a link to some more images of the making of the piece and a few other views. You can view some of the images in very close up too, the effect of the enamel and the gilding is quite fun, I think. It's just a pity it is all so tiny. It was very liberating doing this little piece and it reminded me of the joy I take in working metal in this way...I've got a few, slightly more ambitious, ideas in mind as a consequence.

The work on the copper vase has been going ahead very smoothly and the butterfly is all but done. I've been carving magnolia flowers in white mother of pearl to inlay on a shibuichi branch on the opposite side to the butterfly. I'll get some more images of that project on-line in a day or two...I wouldn't want to spoil you ;-)
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