Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Kamishimo, Samurai court wear

This is essentially the kind of attire I mean by kamishimo. The skirt like culottes are called hakama and the oversized shoulder wings are kataginu. The swords had glossy black lacquered scabbards and the hilts had white ray skin wrapped with black silk braid. The tsuba were generally plain or nanako shakudo but plain iron plate tsuba were acceptable. The kashira was of polished buffalo horn with the braid crossing over the end rather than through it like with metal kashira. The fuchi was of plain or nanako shakudo. the only decoration permitted was the family crest ( kamon ) either in shakudo, gold or often, a combination of both.


Lorenzo said...

Hi Ford,
Can i translate this post in italian language and put it into my forum?

Ford Hallam said...

Hi Lorenzo,

by all means, if it's useful to you.