Friday 7 March 2008

Table mountain

This is the classic view of the mother city, Cape Town, nestled at the foot of Table mountain. Rumour has it that this great lump of rock is here, at the very tip of Africa, to stop the continent curling up in the hot sun. Occasionally, the mountain gets a tidy layer of white cloud over the top, which for obvious reasons, is called the table cloth.

There is a folk tale here that tells us that the mountain is really the giant Umlindi Wemingizimu, "the watcher of the south", turned to stone by the earth goddess Djobela to serve as protective deity to the land. There is reason to doubt the indigenous origin of this story and it's quite probably fairly modern. I won't go into the political myth making that this suggestion points to though.

It's been a beautiful day here today, although I've had my eyes glued to this pc screen for a lot of it :-( ....still trying to set up the style and look of the forum. If only I could hit it with a hammer I'm sure I could knock it into shape in no time. Anyway, rest assured yours truly won't rest until we have a forum, and not just any old forum either ;-)



Lorenzo said...

i am sorry because i have big part of your anger about the new forum... because of my late reply to your email. anyway now i am here so if you need you know how to contact me -.^

Ford Hallam said...

Hi Lorenzo, thanks for the support, it looks like we're now one step closer. It actually all looks very sexy and works perfectly. The header needs to be remodelled and fitted then we're ready...