Saturday, 2 February 2008

The ways of the chisel

The following 4 images illustrate a small range of the different possibilities in the way you can use a chisel and hammer. They were all produced using only a small "v" shaped chisel, a flat, mortice chisel shaped one and a little hammer. In the image above you can see a couple of them, there are some other essential tools here too but I'll get to them some other time. Incidentally, we call these chisels tagane, in Japanese. If they are cutting chisels they are referred to as kiri-tagane ( kiri- to cut ) and if punches, which don't remove metal, giri-tagane ( giri- to kick ).


Anonymous said...

Your wonderful work makes me sadFestival kind of way,and makes me want to weep for my misspent youth,and my thickl and wistful,in a Cherry Blossoms y oxidised forgings,and my tools,crudely made out of the evil fragments of the industrial age...Thank you,and the best of luck.Jake

Ford Hallam said...

Hello Jake,

I'm not sure you are the only one who has misspent some of his life...I think we all are guilty of that. I'm pleased you found something here that touched you, it's all I can hope for as I try to "communicate" through my chosen medium.
Namaste, Ford