Tuesday, 29 January 2008

A little something I made last year

This little piece was made toward the end of last year. It's a metalworkers version of a netsuke. If these terms are unfamiliar to you they are basically small toggles that were used in pre-modern Japan to help secure various accessories to the sash ( obi) worn around the kimono.

This one measures about 4 cm across and is made up of the metal insert, the darker disc ( iron) which is set in a gold rim, and the wooden bowl, which acts as the frame.

The banana leaves are inlaid and carved brass ( well, variants of the alloy ) with a touch of silver depicting the rain streaks.

I've made about 14 miniature sculptures in this format and refer to them as the Metal Haiku collection. I think I've done enough of these, at least for now, and am now working on something quite a bit larger.

I documented the making of this piece photographically and will eventually get around to editing the vast record and making it into some sort of photo essay. I'll probably post it here.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you blogging Ford! Really looking forward to future entries (and the instructional website).


Ford Hallam said...

Thanks for the show of support Toscano. Watch this space...

Anonymous said...

Hey. what's happened - I must have missed something? Just starting to get to like you, not really gone are you?

Simon F

Leon said...

On top of my bookmarks list!

Hi Ford, TCP just spoiled my coffee break! That's a first but your site makes me very very happy again!
Keep up the good work AND the discussions.

You will be watched!


Ford Hallam said...

Thanks fellas, your support means a lot to me. We're still here and I've hit the road running....

dick said...

Hi Ford,
Nice to see you. What are you working on that is larger than a netsuke? Is it larger than a breadbox?

Ford Hallam said...

Hi Dick,

larger than a netsuke but smaller than a breadbox. More like a large Cornish pastie, ;-)