Saturday, 2 February 2008

I'm flying up to Pretoria today and won't be back until Monday afternoon, so I'll be taking a short break from posting. Normal service will be resumed after I get back home and have had a decent cup of tea.

I'm shortly going to be launching a forum "dedicated to fine art metalwork and associated arts"; It'll be called Helicon. The site has been bought and now needs to be set up as we want to see it. I've press ganged a few "volunteers" into acting as admin with me so It will be a collaborative effort. We hope to create a space for serious and in depth discussion, instruction and interaction. I propose to allow posting in any language and would like to see the group evolve into a self regulating and mature society...we'll see. I have a few ideas that I think may go some way to helping stimulate this ideal.

Have a pleasant week-end, where-ever you are, and I'll be back next week. If you like to drop a note in the comments section, particularly if you are in some far away part of the world ( you all are, actually! ) I'd love to hear from you.

Regards, Ford


Anonymous said...

Hey Ford,
I'm happy to see the ideia of the your site come to life, and the instructional forum sounds like better
Congratulations and good speed,

(from a far part of world, brazil)

Ford Hallam said...

Thanks, I'll let you know when we've got something online.

Lorenzo said...

Dear Ford, i follow everyday your blog. I am looking forward to see forum too.. and, as i understood, you will allow other language speakers... i hope so, i will be one of the first users.
chears from your big fan Lorenzo

Ford Hallam said...

Hi Lorenzo,

Yes, I don't want non-English speakers to feel excluded so I think that if groups of say; Italian speakers communicate with each other on the forum then perhaps between them they could also help each other to convey their meaning or questions to other non-Italian users.

It might make it a bit tricky at times and will certainly take some effort but if you want to travel the world and experience different cultures this also takes a lot of effort.

Ciao, Ford