Wednesday, 30 January 2008

"I'll follow you into the dark"

This is another kagamibuta I made towards the end of last year. I named it "I'll follow you into the dark" after hearing the song of that name by the group "Death Cab for Cutie". I was already doing the piece at the time and the sentiment expressed was so beautiful I thought I'd name the piece in the songs honour. It's 4 cm across.

The disc of metal is of shibuichi. This is a classic alloy of silver and copper which develops a very appealing grey colour. It can also exhibit a very delicate grain structure called nashiji, if it's made the right way. This is a bit of alchemy that is not readily achieved so I was especially pleased that this bit is such a good example. I'll post a close up later so that the effect can be more easily seen.

The moth is inlaid in 62 separate bits of metal in what must be one of the most complex pieces of this sort of work done in the last 100 years. I'm not sure why I attempted this but once I got started it proved to be addictive and I think it was worth the effort.

According to people who have held it, the piece evokes a feeling of calm and refined elegance. What more can I ask?


Anonymous said...

I am excited again seeing this fine piece. This belongs to the best metalwork ever made - creating a feeling of having "moths" in the stomach. The subtle textures making the moth virtually vibrating.

dick said...

Hi Ford,
Beautiful work!