Wednesday 14 January 2009

"Following the iron brush" is back!

Thanks to the untiring efforts of Lorenzo Amati, my faithful hatamoto, the forum is back on-line. Sorry for the long delay...but you only really realise how much you love something when it's gone...;-)

Lorenzo has managed to recreate accounts for all members who have ever posted on the forum...what you now need to do is email admin for your password to get in. Once inside you can change your settings to suit.

If you were previously registered but didn't ever post then I'm afraid you'll have to re-register.
It's not a big job...and then you can introduce yourself to us too ;-)...and get involved...c'mon, don't be shy. We're quite welcoming really.

See you there, Namaste


1 comment:

Karl Wunderlich said...

Hi Ford, I am not able to reach the Iron-Brush-Forum today. Hope the phoenix is not already up in flames again. :O

Regards, Karl