Tuesday 13 January 2009

Nearly there....

Some of you might have noticed that the forum is looking normal again. At this stage Lorenzo is heroically re-establishing every member registration individually...he tells me he's down to the last 20! Please don't try to log in or register yet...as he's had to assign new passwords ( your original ones are unknown to us ) and we'll let you know how to get in and change them once everything is ship shape.

By doing this the hard way Lorenzo has managed to keep all the posts so we owe him a huge debt of gratitude for all his efforts.



Just a brief update. All is looking good. We've still got everything in the forum but to ensure everyone's posts are visible Lorenzo still has to assign another 80 members. This will be completed by tomorrow evening. At this point you will need to contact admin to get a password so that you can access your account. You can then change it to what ever you want so we can't spy on you ;-)
Unfortunately, if you'd previously registered but never posted you'll have to re-register...sorry, but we have no way of finding you.

Hopefully we'll see you all inside within 24 hours....lets have a party!

If you're registered you can now email Lorenzo for your password ( log in and change it to suit )
Here's his address: amati.lorenzo AT tin.it


Doug Sanders said...

Knowing Lorenzo and you have been working at it, I'm sure things will be more stable than a house of cards. I appreciate your hard work guys.

Ford Hallam said...

Cheers Doug...99% down to Lorenzo though, I just provide moral ( amoral ? ) support. We'll be downloading our database back-ups in future....once burned and all that.

Lorenzo said...

Folks send emails to amati.lorenzo AT tin.it to retrieve your password

Leon said...
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Leon said...

Let's build a statue for Lorenzo!