Sunday 28 August 2011

A load of old balls or music to your ears?

No, not CGI. It is apparently real as is the sound. It's funny how when confronted by something as time consuming as this there's an immediate tendency to finds ways to minimise it's effect. There seems to be a discussion in the blogosphere about whether the sound is real etc. If any people would go to this sort of trouble and devote so much time to getting something just right it would be the Japanese.

Just thinking further about many of the responses to the Docomo cellphone ad (the wooden ball running down the track in the woods). I think it's a sad reflection of our present cynicism with creative media that so much of the discussion is about how the whole thing could be effectively faked.

From suggestions that the sound was added in, that the wooden track is actually only one short bit but reshot from different angles to the whole thing being CGI. Perhaps this level of devotion is threatening. Perhaps we feel the need to dismiss amazing efforts like this because they remind us what we might achieve ourselves....if we just put in the effort and devotion too.

I don't care if this isn't entirely "real"...I want to keep it in my imagination as an ideal, and one I want to keep living by.

More about the ad  here

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