Saturday 27 August 2011

Hisashiburi!'s been a while, ne?

Waking... Jasmine!
scents the still cool air.
I hear Spring.

I keep meaning to get back to writing blog entries but as is all to often the case life gets in the way of well meaning plans. Knowing me, I just need to get back into the rhythm of writing about the things that keep me awake late at night or that are being mulled over in the studio and there'll be no stopping my running commentary. To be honest, of late, there have been a number of issues I've really wanted to say quite a bit about but I really didn't want to get involved in protracted on-line "debates". I've decided, instead, to use this platform to have my say and if you get something from my opinions, views and observations that's just fine by me....if you care to disagree, start your own blog and I'll read what you think. ;-) ....I promise.

This is a tsuba I've recently finished, I'm quite chuffed with it. I've been working towards a way of revealing the actual structure of the metal and allowing this feature to appear as part of the patina. I've also been developing a more variegated and subtle tonal range in the actual patina colours I create on copper. I'm very satisfied with the way this one's worked out and the fine gold inlay, which stands ever so slightly proud of the surface and so catches the light beautifully, seems to to compliment the more organic qualities of the piece nicely, methinks.

If you're interested you can see some more images here, on the Iron Brush forum.

Someone asked if by "hearing spring" (in my haiku at top) I was referring to birds. I might have been....but in the Japanese incense game the act of smelling and identifying the scents is referred to as listening. 

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