Wednesday 25 June 2008


I could kick myself...I just stumbled on this site.

I had this idea some time ago, when a young chap was amazing us all with fantastically complicated origami creatures. I thought no-one would take me they do anyway ;-) ( I really do need smilies on this blog...I ought to look into that )

Anyway, it's hilarious and I fully expect this chap to become a celebrity just like that American artist who produces hand drawn money, J. S. G. Boggs

Mr Boggs makes a very important comment about the value of money and I think this "genius" makes a similar point about art. ;-)



Doug Sanders said...

The best part of the Origami Boulder is the letters from dumb dumbs.

Anonymous said...

Thats the best (and funniest) thing I've seen in a long time. I've not laughed that hard in months. Absolutely flawless.


Lorenzo said...

I tell her, "You designer, not site owner! I change whatever I like. You get paid, didn't you? Then go away now!!!" Her design have too many pages and Jakob Nielsen say Internet people too lazy to click so I make everything one page.

I feel it is talking about me :)

Anonymous said...

Classic stuff!
Loved the read. Funny as hell.
I am waiting for him to bring out the limited edition metallic origami meteor (ie tinfoil) :-)



Ford Hallam said...

Hi Fella's

glad you enjoyed that, I thought you lot would. You're all as cracked as me ;-)

Brian, I'll get working on that idea...