Saturday 17 May 2008

On-line photo album

I've just been playing with a handy photograph album bit of software called "Picasa". It's offered as a free download from Google. Here's a link to some images of Japan.

I'll eventually get all of my images up there but it will take a while....this software does make the job so much easier, and quicker though.

I've also been suffering from a severe case of internetlessness for the last 2 weeks as my server ( ironically named 24-7online! ) has been playing silly buggers switching over to an apparently faster service. I'm not holding my breath...but it would be handy to be able to upload stuff without having to wait ages...and keep losing my connection.

As soon as normal service resumes I'll get some more stuff on the blog.

Namaste, Ford


Anonymous said...

24-7Online? That's like a buying a racehorse called Lightning :-)

Ford Hallam said...

particularly here is South Africa...the sort of technical competency needed to keep this sort of technology functioning is just not common enough.

I'm paying for wireless broadband but for the last 3 weeks I've had a service not much better than dial up while the system is "upgraded"! No-one seems to have any idea when things will be "back to normal".

At this rate I may have to communicate by smoke signal...images may be a problem!