Monday 17 March 2008

My own teacher, Izumi Koshiro Sensei

I have been very fortunate in my own journey to this point and have had the benefit of many talented and generous teachers. My own sensei in Japan, Izumi Koshiro quite literally changed my life by allowing me into this tradition and all but adopting me. It is almost entirely due to his generosity and friendship that I have anything at all to offer you.

I have never paid for the teaching I have been given, by Izumi Sensei, or any of his friends who added various aspects to my training. All that was ever asked of me was my commitment. I continue to devote myself to developing my own skills, and art, and in this small way hope to be able to repay the faith my teacher placed in me.

This photo was taken from a newspaper article at the time of my first visit in 1993. We're both a bit younger here ;-) I think I was working on a shibuichi tsuba with a number of muti-metal leaves in taka-zogan iroe.

My life has been enriched immeasurably though my involvement in this tradition and my “adoption” by Izumi Sensei and his family. I doubt that I’ll ever be able to adequately express my gratitude to all those who have given me so much.


Lorenzo said...

Maybe there is no way for you to payback what sensei did for you.

Is a bit complex to explain what i feel, let's try.

What sensei gave to you have importance for him and for you too. But, the importance of that time and words for you, is higher than the importance given to that time and to that words by your sensei.

Make him understand this shall be enough as payback; his words changed your life... i love this sentence. Maybe you can translate it into a figurative art and do that in metal as a gift for your master.

Anonymous said...

What you can do is send him MY regards, respect and thanks!

You know what I mean.


Ford Hallam said...

Hi Lorenzo, I understand what you are saying. In a way every thing I am able to do is a tribute to my teacher. Maybe one day I can do something worthy of his respect.

Hi Leon,

I do and I will indeed, and that image is more appropriate than you realise. Izumi means source! that's where I went to learn the correct way. Now the ripples from that event spread out into the world.


Hyllyn said...

I agree with Leon's sentiment. I didn't have a chance to read this before but I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation, gratitude and respect for him.

I know you once told me that maybe one day we can go and meet him, hopefully the opportunity will arise and I will live up to it too.

Very best regards my friend.


前田中 ( ATARU MAEDA ) said...

So nice story. I wanna be as your master, Izumi SENSEI. It's my must to be so, but nowtime, I should cultivate my chalacter at all :-]


Ford Hallam said...

Hi Hyllyn,

will do my friend, and if you make it to Tokyo I will.


perhaps next time I'm in Tokyo I can introduce you to Izumi Sensei.I'm sure he'd enjoy meeting you and seeing your work.

前田中 ( ATARU MAEDA ) said...

Oh, that's wonderful !
I'm longing to be there.