Sunday 9 March 2008

The noren makers shop in Katsuyama

This is the shop of my friend, Yon Chan, in Katsuyama. She designs and hand dyes noren for the doorways of local businesses. That's one, with the white disc on it, in the image. The town has become quite famous for these curtains now and this particular street is made very picturesque by the presence of many different designs and colours. One day I'm going to ask her to make one for me. She generally designs them to reflect the owners business so I'm interested to see what she comes up with. You might also just make out the poster, second from the right, which seems to have a tsuba and a snail kagamibuta on it. Guess who's work that is ;-)


Doug Sanders said...

Does she take commissions?

Ford Hallam said...

Hi Doug, yes she does. Her daughter, Kapo Chan, speaks pretty decent English and I'm sure would be happy to act as a go between for anyone who wanted to enquire about having one made.

regards, F

Lorenzo said...

You don't know how long i searched for nice noren in Okayama. I've got tired so i bought in Jusco.. Didn't know about this shop. I will go there next summer for sure!