Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Moon gazing toad sketches

These were the rough, and loose sketches I did when I first conceived of this "moon gazing toad". I was staying in the infamous "Okubo House" hostel in Tokyo ( definitely the cheapest place to stay but not for the faint of heart ) and would doodle to pass the time in the evenings when I wasn't "learning Japanese" in English conversation bars. I think these were done about 15 years ago. This is possibly a good example of why you should always keep your sketch books, you never know when something you did a long time ago will suddenly have relevance to your present work.


sjoerd said...

Hi Ford, really like the fatty on the right. Looks like he had an abundant meal and is considering which way to releave himself best from the extra gasses, mouth or derriere.


Ford Hallam said...

hi Sjoerd,
perhaps this toad reflects how we are all full of cr..p! and would do well to try and relieve ourselves. ;-)
We aspire to lofty heights but are continually foiled by our most human failings.

regards, Ford

sjoerd said...

Hi Ford, gazing at the silvery moon, mirror, introspection without the actual reflection.
You've added some great links. A few months ago my girlfriend bought me "the art of japanese sword polishing". Inspiring reading.

Cheers, Sjoerd