Tuesday 12 February 2008

The end of a sweaty and dusty day...

I'm pretty pooped this evening, I've been preparing a log, of the hardest wood you can imagine, to act as a support for some raising stakes. I used a chain saw to cut the ends level and have been carving the resultant surfaces to some sort of functional finish that won't rip my hands to bits. I'll finish up the base tomorrow and shape up the first of the stakes. This whole effort is to set me up to start making hollow forms in mild steel. I'll take some images and post them tomorrow evening so you can get an idea what I'm actually doing.

As for the forum, I'm afraid I've been far to preoccupied to dedicate any real time to working on setting it up yet. The manual I printed off sits beside me here, on my desk, waiting to be read. It doesn't make for very exciting bedtime reading... I've managed to get some bits for use in creating the forum's banner to my mate, Gavin, he of the spotty paintings. He's a bit of a whiz with photoshop ( he lectures on it, would you believe! ) and he's doing me a massive favour ( which will no doubt cost me some expensive sushi ) by putting it all together professionally. I imagine that once I have that part it'll motivate me to get the thing on-line so we can all get chatting again. It's been a little solitary here, apart from the occasional, most welcome comment via the blog.


remo said...

Hi Ford,

Don't forget ,

your's legion of fans and studens wait for more ........ :)

If are any thing i can help , just talk.


Ford Hallam said...

Abrigado Remo,

Once the forum is sorted out I think everybody will be happy and it will hopefully start to make itself. The most difficult part is just getting the ball rolling...
Lets hope that the legions ;-) will join us to help make it work.

Thanks again for the offer of support, I may need you to help with other Portuguese speaking people who may want to join.


Lorenzo said...

I will help too, if you need.

Ford Hallam said...

Hi Lorenzo,

Grazie per l'offerta di aiuto. Mi si può chiedere ad assistere con i parlanti italiano.

Ciao ;-)