Tuesday, 22 July 2008

It's been a little while...

Despite the "no show" here on my blog, I've not been entirely idle. I've been plodding away on a number of related projects and with a bit of luck and a tail wind I hope to finish the year with a bit of a flourish.

This is a shot of the dragonfly I took a little while ago, do you like the "arty" soft focus around the edges? I'm working on the underside and base of the piece now...and will probably "unveil" the finished piece in a couple of weeks...the iron patina is developing slowly, like a fine wine ;-)

Just so you know, the body of the dragonfly is not really in it's fished state in the image nor are the wings really. I've got a few more tricks to apply.

...and on a completely different note, pun intended, my lovely wife bought a CD yesterday that I've been playing to death. Missy Higgins; On a Clear Night. I absolutely love her voice...you might too. Here's a link to her beautiful song "Where I stood"

Namaste, Ford


Lorenzo said...


Unknown said...

All Australians have lovely voices Ford!.... just some of us can't sing :( :) The dragonfly looks great, and i'm hanging out to see the finished piece.


Lorenzo said...

I wonder how it could look like with a couple of legs in the front..

Ford Hallam said...

Hi Simon...how true, I have fond memories of one particular Australian voice ;-) Thanks for the interest...not too long now...you'll be first to see it.

Hey Lorenzo,

my idea was not to represent a dragonfly sitting on a stone but rather one that was flying over the stone. When they are flying the legs are tucked up out of sight when seen from this view...unless they are attacking something, but mine is not hunting at the moment ;-)

Lorenzo said...

So you did a perfect job. I had the impression of a dragonfly sitting because of the 3D shape of the object, still, it gave me the impression of being flyng because of no legs... beautiful ambiguity.