Sunday, 14 December 2008

Where's the forum gone?

If you've been trying to access the followingtheironbrush forum and been getting an error message you'll be pleased to know that the intrepid admin team of Amati and Hallam are on the case. Of course we have no idea what we're doing but we remain optimistic that eventually we'll do something helpful and restore everything to what we like to call "normality"

Please bear with us, we'll get normal service resumed as soon as possible. In the meantime spend some quality time with your families... or maybe even read a book ;-)

Namaste, Ford


Peter said...

Ford - give me a shout if you need any grunt work doing. I've more experience in wrestling vBulletin into submission, but since my full-time gubbins as a software engineer, I can usually get the horrible contraptions to do what I want. The only work of mine that has blown up to date was meant to :)

Lorenzo said...

and when one of the two admin on the case goes on panic... ahem... let's start thinking about something else

Peter said...

Everything is logical, they don't do anything they haven't been told to, it's just a question of finding out exactly *what* they've been told to do... Deep breaths, single malts, whatever works.

ford said...

Hi Peter,

not sure which Peter you are though, I can't get to your blogger page..

Thanks for the offer of help though, Lorenzo is the one doing all the work really, I just offer encouragement...and drink the single malt ;-)

Seems the users database was corrupted somehow...

Peter said...

Bond... Peter Bond. Hitting metal more than chiselling at the mo'. For some reason, having a GMail account gives me an ID here too. If I find the time I'll look into that. I'd assumed it'd allow you to see the full ID I was posting under.

Enjoy the malt... Am I allowed Edradour, or does it have to be Suntory?

ford said...

Hi Peter,

I think we're nearly there now...but perhaps I should press-gang you into the admin team ;-) for future emergencies.

I never drink Suntory myself...but I hear it's very good. I prefer Glenkinchie myself. That's just a hint for those of you planning on sending me christmas presents....actually don't, the import duty would kill me :-(

ford said...

Hi Peter,

could you drop me a line at fordhallam at gmail dot com.
I'm hoping you might be able to solve a rather serious problem we now have.
thanks, Ford

Peter said...

Hi Ford - tried, GMail says you're having an existential failure. is definitely valid there though ;)

ford said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ford said...

ha gmail are offering psychological assessments! do they know I'm having a existential crisis? Brilliant!

I forgot, my gmail address is tsubaman...sorry.


Donovan said...

All i want for Christmas is the forum back!

You gentleman must be having some major problems. Wish i could help, but i just don't know enough to be of any use.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas/Happy holiday!

Ford, if i could send you a bottle of Glenkinchie i would! Thank you for the recommendation btw. Mighty tasty if i do say so myself.


ford said...

Hi Donovan,

happy Christmas to you too and a very productive and satisfying new year. We'll get the forum back online better than before....before too long, hang in there ;-)

Glad you enjoyed the Glenkinchie!

Namaste, Ford

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