Friday, 26 December 2008

Orchid kagamibuta

I completed this latest piece just before Christmas, you may have seen some of the images I posted on the forum showing the work in progress. As soon as we get the forum's problems sorted I'll write a little more about this work and end off that thread properly. In the meantime, if you're interested, you can see some preliminary photos by visiting my Picassa gallery here.

If you double click on any of the images you'll see a much larger image, and if you then use the magnifying feature, at top right ( you'll see a little magnifying glass icon ) you can use that to see the image full size...which is ridiculously bigger than the real thing! You can also chose to view the images as a slide show.

The bowl is raised out of a sheet of 1mm thick steel and the eyelet at the back is made in Japanese green gold ( Ao-kin ). The inset disc is also steel, with the flowers in silver, gold and brass. I braided the cord using some rattan-like cord Jo found in a bead shop. I used a Japanese kumihimo technique, which I quite enjoyed. I think I'll explore that process a bit more in the future. I wanted the cord to echo a woven basket, the sort I've seen orchids displayed in, in the East, as well as hint at jungle vines.

The whole idea behind the piece was to try and create a tightly framed nature scene that at the same time was both a painting and a sculpture. As always, the mood and atmosphere was of
most importance to me. I'm quite pleased with the result myself.
I was particularly happy with this close up and tightly cropped shot. Sort of reminds me of the sort of tones you often see in a Rembrandt. Of course, while he was probably the best handler of oil paint and could engrave copper plate quite well he was rubbish when it came to inlaying and carving steel....still, we can't expect him to have done everything, thank goodness! ;-)

As with most images on this blog, double clicking on any of them will give you a much bigger picture.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ford, Wish to you and Jo only good things!

(I miss the forum)

Going to meet Lorenzo tomorrow in Amsterdam.

"I'm toying with the idea of producing a small range of art prints based on images of my work. " Go play with something else! Or take at least the other 'good/undoctered' pictures for your new enterprise.


greetings etc.

Ford Hallam said...

Hi Leon,

thanks for the kind wishes, We hope you and your family have a wonderful year ahead also.

So I take it you don't like the images I messed around with then ;-) You're probably right...I'll delete them.

Don't believe a word that naughty Italian says either...and keep him away from stroopwafels!!!

Very best wishes and Namaste,


前田中 ( ATARU MAEDA ) said...

Hi Ford, I appreciate you to make out such a nice piece. Mr.Kinoshita would be proud of having your works indeed. I saw your nice Tsuba before and there was a same Orchid I remember but I feel this Netsuke's design is more "polished" one comparing from before. Oops, your Tsuba was fine enough also ;-)
Recently, I met with your Sensei and had a nice dinner. Next time we'll call you so please come and join us immediately ! ;-)
May the year ahead be a prosperous one for you.


Fred Zweig said...

Ford the kagamibuta is wonderful with extraordianry high relief. Thank you again for sharing it with us and my you have a prosperous New Year.


Ford Hallam said...

Hi Ataru,

Thank you for your kind compliments, you're right of course. This is a more delicate and refined piece I think. The feeling is developing well...I'm excited to follow it to see what comes up next.

Sorry I wasn't there with you and Sensei...I miss you all.

Hi Fred, thank you too for you kind words. I'm pleased you enjoy it, just wish you could hold it...

best regards and a brilliant year ahead to you both also.