Friday, 5 September 2008

a bit of bling!

This is the underside of my little vase/pot/sculpture....I'm happy with the contrast of texture and the gilding. I made a stamp of my initial "F" and will probably use this on these sort of pieces in the future, I've got a series planned and I've already ordered the boxes!

I'll spend the week-end drawing Jasmine flowers and leaves and preparing some alloys to make the butterfly... I've got an interesting combination in mind. You'll have to come back next week for the next installment. I hope you've enjoyed the process so far.
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Fred Zweig said...


My thanks and appreciation to you for allowing us to share in this piece. It is both inspiring and a priveledge.


Ford Hallam said...

Hi Fred,

thank you, it's a pleasure for me to know that the process, which I enjoy so much, is also of interest to others.

regards, Ford

Lorenzo said...

A copper chestnut! :-D

Ford to Lorenzo---> Shudappayourface...

Lorenzo said...

Preparing alloys? Did I hear correctly? ehehe.... looking forward my friend ;)