Saturday, 26 April 2008

still fiddling with wings...

I think it was Natasha Popova, mammoth carver extraordinaire, who posted this amazing image on "the carving path", a year or more ago. I was so taken with it I saved a copy...and now it seems as though my world revolves around these little creatures.

I've just about finished the final fitting of the mother of pearl wings into the surface of the iron stone, without damaging the natural texture of the iron. At this point I need to decide whether I keep the surface of the wings relatively flat, and allow them to seem more independent of the stone as real wings would... or do I shape them to follow the curve of the stone and create a entirely different, soft feeling, that is at odds with reality but in keeping with the overall feeling I'm trying to evoke with this work.

The thing is, if I keep the wings flat, and straight, then they will appear to be quite thick at the ends and the sense of delicacy will be lost. If, on the other hand, I follow the curve of the stone I can thin them until they are just barely proud of the iron. This way they will be delicate enough but will perhaps appear limp.

This option, the floppy solution, is often seen in Japanese work of the past and although I'm not in this instance trying to follow that example I think I'm leaning toward that option. The other big decider for me is the need for this piece to be very tactile...hmmm, well, I think I've just made my mind up as I've written this, thanks for your help... and for listening ;-)

I'll get back to it and post some more images tomorrow evening.


Anonymous said...

No thanks, my pleasure!


Ford Hallam said...

ha ha, I should have known you were "listening", I reckon I'll be able to surprise you when you get back from Chile. Very best regards and have a safe journey, Leon.


Fred Zweig said...

Ford it is our pleasure to be able to help in any way possible. All we will require is that you send each of us a copy of the finished piece. Do take your time...:)

In all seriousness, It is great to hear you muddle through your decision making. I, for one, apprecite it.


Anonymous said...

It seems like the concept is at the crossroads, and the technique will follow. Looking forward to seeing the piece.


Ford Hallam said...

Hello Fred, Doug,

this is part of what makes work like this so fascinating...when I begun hammering out my stone I honestly had no real conception of where it would all resolve itself. All I followed was an instinct...that has lead me to this point. My abilities as a technician mean that I can work without a safety a certain extent, but I will only know if this evolving "idea" will work, shortly before you.

When I took the decision to write this blog it was with the intention to "tell it like I see it" and as I live it. This particular project is a big part of this dialogue and I hope it offers some small glimpse into my approach to my work.

Today the wings were shaped to the curve of the stone and the final fitting made good. Tomorrow I will begin to work on the body and the eyes...I'm looking forward to that.

regards, Ford