Sunday, 13 April 2008

an explanation.

The image above is just of some pure gold, in the various forms I use it.

I thought I'd better make some sort of effort to post something here,( and every one appreciates gold, or shiny things ;-) ) it has been a while now. To be honest I've got a few ideas rumbling round in my mind, things I'd like to express clearly in words, as much for myself as part of this ongoing communique. I don't seem to be able to summon the enthusiasm though, the well seems I await the rain, I apologise if you've been waiting impatiently, although I hardly expect that there has been any overwhelming sense of disappointment at my lack of diatribe...;-)

Work proceeds slowly on my dragonfly project, I'll post some updates this week,...and the forum stumbles forward.

If I'm honest, it's probably the forum that is leaving me feeling so unenthusiastic right now. I don't know what I expected from it, probably far too much, and too soon. I can't see how we can really make it work in the way I'd hoped, as a focal point for an emerging, revivalist ethos in relation to working on a small scale, and specifically ( though not exclusively ) with metal as the primary medium.

I'll keep thinking, feeling...trying, but there doesn't appear to be any easy solution or direction ...yet.


Ford Hallam said...

You may see that the occasional post has been removed by the "management", in case you might think I am censoring comments on this blog let me assure you that these particular posts are only those which have nasty, sneaky little links to spyware or trojan horse programs embedded as links within them.

If you see any post here that simply suggests you click a link, without any further validation, please ignore it.

Anonymous said...

As you don't want this a one-way communication I will reply.
About the forum, what did you expect?
Assume you are an ex-goldsmith with an interest in Japanese art. You find a forum with the best of the best of this planet. What would you do? Show your crappy attempts? Maybe in time, but absorbing/lurking/learning etc. will do for the first weeks/months. Have faith, again, time is on your side.

'The replying Dutchman'

Ford Hallam said...

Thanks, Dutchman ;-)

It gets a little solitary at times...and I wonder what the point is..I'll get to work and keep on doing what I do best, we'll see what happens, heh?

Namaste, Ford

Lorenzo said...

Ford.. make some change, take your time, and don't think so much about democracy. Forum is yours and it must grow as you want it to grow. Don't think so much about problems and give to it the direction you think is the best. Users will follow, some will leave, some new will come. The world is far larger then 100 users reached in one month, so the most important thing now if you want to have a "qality" product is that you don't choose compromise from the very beginning. Those compromise will come eventually when the community will be far larger.

Anonymous said...

I bett Autumn hit you. Maybe it's time for a trip to the northern hemisphere. Springtime is what you need!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ford

I can't speak for all the newly joined, but rather quiet forum members, but there are people who are learned and familiar with many of the theories and philosophies that are bandied about, and those of us that aren't... It's not that we're not interested - just a little information overload. I read pretty much all the posts (though lately tend to skim some) even if I don't reply. I think replying just for the sake of replying rather than adding something is probably a waste, and if we all did, well, then reading everything would really would take up the entire day!!!

I'm really looking forward to your tutorials - even though I have read a little, and tried a little in the past (of inlay techniques) there was new information for me in your explanations and tutorials to date.

I am only assuming what you have in mind for the direction of the forum, but I think it already has given a meeting point for many people who share your feelings for work of quality - both the product and the action. There are those of us who feel it, but have no way to express it other that knowing that making things is where we're happiest.

I'm feeling my writing is illustrating my point!! ha! Nevermind. Just know there is a large learning curve for many of us, and I think in time the forum will become a very important and BIG centre of knowledge and learning.

Thanks for starting and running it.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it the nature of a true artist to feel tortured and overly self-critical?
You have started something that reaches far wider than you probably imagine. It is in its infancy, and many people are still taking it all in. Give it time, you are reaching people and making a whole new generation look at things differently. If that is important to you, then know that you are succeeding. Let it settle a bit, and push it gently in the direction you want it to go, and people will follow. It is a superb effort that is unlike anything else out there.

Ford Hallam said...

Thank you "anonymous"

for you kind comments and observations. It's good to know that others also feel this is a worthwhile effort...I'll keep at it. Thanks again.

Namaste, Ford