Thursday, 27 March 2008

Goat boy lives!

This is a rather special Meiji period carving in wood. I don't have much to say about it right now, perhaps I'm just feeling a little "goatish" myself, of late ;-). This is a handsome chap though and the artist has captured that slight snootiness that I admire in these fellows. The hair is beautifully rendered too, with so much gentleness...The artist, Ishikawa Komei, lived from 1851 until 1913 and was designated a Japanese Imperial Court Artist ( Teishitsu gigeiin ).

The carving is about 12 inches long and the wood is left with the "as carved" surface. I think the subtle effect of the almost invisible chisel cuts really adds a certain vitality to the form, it seems to me to bring the surface alive.

I've been a bit distracted from my blog for a few days now but I can feel a couple of late night rambles building up so who knows what might bubble out...I can hardly wait, it's always a surprise to me!


Doug Sanders said...
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Doug Sanders said...

I think you've read my mind. I've been doing sketches and a clay model for a faun/satyr recently. I've put it aside for some other projects that have bubbled to the top.
Is the sculpture by Komei?
I really wish I could see more of his pieces than the half-dozen or so I've turned up in books.

Ford Hallam said...

Hi Doug,

yes, I've just added the artists details, Ishikawa Komei.

I think the faun will make a fantastic subject. Is this a subtle expression of your hidden personality? ;-) You want to get Karl involved in critiquing your design and maquette as you work it out, he'll no doubt ensure a certain "animalness"... this sort of subject is right up his street and his insight into figurative sculptural work is prety spot on. He's always an excellent source of European art examples.

Doug Sanders said...

I thought I might give a go at exploring the 'sleeping Shojo' theme, but using a Classical subject. There's the Barberini Faun, although that's a little too post-coital for me! More Karl-ish ;) Mine may be post-pub crawl.
I'll get in touch with him when I pick up that project again shortly.

Hyllyn said...

Doug, that is a subject that also interests me, so if you don't mind sharing the progression with us over at the forum it will be quite the treat.

Very best regards