Tuesday, 18 March 2008

back at the anvil...

I've been taking a bit of a break lately, from the steel rocks. I've been instead working out how best to render dragonfly wings in a convincing way. I don't mean hyper realistic...just convincing. There is a difference. Today, however, I need to get back to some hammering. Here's where the larger stone is, nearly there...maybe tomorrow. This image is just to mess with Simon ;-) and to leave him wondering how you actually hammer metal, which normally spreads and thins it, in a way that contacts the outer circumference. I'll reveal all soon...it's actually the basis of all real raising and the principle still amazes me. Intrigued?


Fred Zweig said...


The stone is developing well. I raise vessels and understand the process you are revealing. The plasticity of the metal always amazes and fills me with a feeling of true joy. I am looking forward to seeing your progress.


Anonymous said...


Looking forward to seeing more of the development of this piece, and the explanation...

BTW, had an interesting two days with my artist friend working the steel for a sculpture. 4 lengths of 35mm bar stock that he'd already forged down into tapers. We spent the days slowly curving them into grass leaves - 3-4m long! Will go to see them assembled tomorrow, and will take some photos. Also have the loan of some good books of his on Japanese metalwork, though more specifically swords.