Thursday, 21 February 2008

Kyoto Seishu Netsuke Art Museum

My friend, Ataru Maeda, a very talented netsuke artist, sent me this link;

The site is self explanatory and offers a beautiful view of some of the refinement of old Kyoto.
The image has nothing to do with either Maeda San or the museum, I just thought it might add an elegant atmosphere .


前田中 ( ATARU MAEDA ) said...

Hello ! Hallam. Thank you for introducing my topic of an art museum. But, I'm not so talented guy as you think. By the way, Thank you for your assistance, I could construct my Blog ! My adress is the following.
This sistem is so easy as you said. Have a look please. Maybe, my English what I've wrote are miserable one, so, when some fatal mistakes you've found, please mention it to me.

Ford Hallam said...

I'm so pleased you are here at last, Maeda San. Irrashaimase!

I'm sure many people will appreciate your beautiful and refined work. I certainly do.

Ford Hallam said...

and I don't believe your English will ever be fatal ;-)

Doug Sanders said...

Nice to see you here Ataru- You've given me one more website I have to look at each week. It's getting to be contagious!
Ford- I'm awaiting the day when the K.S.N.A.M shows more of their collection online. An pictures of the beautiful garden, come to think of it.

前田中 ( ATARU MAEDA ) said...

Thanks to you Ford, I could construct my page. I really appreciate to your kindness support. YOROSHIKU ONEGAI SIMASU, from now on.

Nice to see you again. I saw your nice page too. I remember that the last time when I met you was in SAN FRANCISCO. I'm sure that you are going well. I wish I could see you again ! Maybe, in NEW YORK ?